Carpet Services

At Classic Carpet and Flooring, we are always trying to help our customers out. So if you order carpets or flooring from us, we have three different types of services we can offer you to have your home ready for your new carpet/flooring. These services are covered by special insurance for the removal of furniture and flooring. Remember the below services don't cover the costs of your new carpet or flooring, but takes away any unwanted hassle, if you can't do this for yourself.

Gold Service

We will remove all your furniture, clean the furniture, take away all the old carpet/flooring and then put your new carpet/flooring down and then place all your furniture to the location you want for a price of £200.

Silver Service

We will come into your home and clear away all the old flooring as well as move your furniture. Your furniture will then be put back into its place once the new carpet/flooring has been installed. The silver service cost £150

Bronze Service

Will will uplift old carpet/flooring from your premises and then fit the new carpet/flooring that you have ordered from us. The bronze service cost £100.